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Aug 2

a good and quick meal i just made……………… chick peas with frozen spinach……. throw it on the stove until the chick peas are somewhat browned and pretty mushy……. mushier than they are out of the can but not like melted down or anything…………………. put in with some garlic powder, pepper, soy sauce, cumin………………… filling and good……… thanks for reading



whats ur favorite pokemon


nick.„„„„ that pokemon only has like 200 base points………….. U have got to be kidding me

Aug 1

whats ur favorite pokemon

I’m not feeling great for a lot of reasons so I wanna write this out because I need to reminisce on more joyous things in general I think. the other night (same night as the punching thing) I had a bunch of really touching moments with some friends. In one of these particular instances i told one friend how much I looked up to them and how great I thought they and their art and their personality are, and how I always look forward to seeing them and they teared up and I teared up along with them and it was a very Raw ass moment be involved in and it was very meaningful to me……………. and long story short I think its really important to cherish things like that because I have a really nasty habit of recollecting the most negative moments of any given experience

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i feel you hank

i feel you hank

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Jul 31

the ajc is probably my least favorite news publication, at least given what they share on facebook. they’ve been on the whole “children dying in cars fad” for awhile since that one big recent incident and honestly all they really seem to share is clickbait about strange murders and assaults. honestly what a disappointing paper!!!! but I guess that’s what you get when you’re a paper that exists in the middle of something of a battleground between the left and the right (Atlanta vs. the surrounding and more conservative suburbs): the paper seems to just avoid everything important altogether.

A few more from Kirkwood Urban Forest the other day.

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